Tips For Hiring Companies For Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Tips For Hiring Companies For Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

For startup businesses or existing Original Equipment Manufacturers that are no longer happy with their current metal fabrication contract manufacturing, finding a top company offering custom sheet metal fabrication will be an important process.

Knowing what questions to ask and what to look for in a custom sheet metal fabrication may not be a simple task if you are not familiar with fabrication trends, technology, and options. However, there some common factors or considerations that will ensure you choose a top company even if this is your first time in the hiring process.

Years in the Industry

This may seem like the first thing on the list for hiring any type of company, but with sheet metal fabrication it is a crucial factor. Experience across a wide range of industries and for different OEMs will be an asset in being able to take on your project and get it done on time and on budget.

Another important issue to look for is the ISO 9001 certification. While this is voluntary, it demonstrates the company is committed to quality control throughout their fabrication process and strive for top customer satisfaction with every job.

Equipment and Staff

Check to see the capacity of the facility with regards to your production run requirements. This includes understanding if the company has the machines and equipment as well as the staff to not only take on your job but to increase production as your market grows.

Top companies in the custom sheet metal fabrication will explain their equipment and talk to you about the fabrication services they offer. Check to see if these extend past fabrication to include secondary services you may require such as precision machining, riveting, welding, kit packing or even complete assembly services.

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