The Importance of Structural Steel Fabrication in Cleveland

The Importance of Structural Steel Fabrication in Cleveland

Steel is one of the most important commercial and industrial materials on the market today. It is the support and background of some largest structures on the planet. However, steel by itself has few uses until shaped, formed, riveted, bolted, and welded to create a variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, structural steel fabrication in Cleveland is a vital part of the economy and landscape and here is more info on the subject.

Iron Vs. Steel

So often, people make the mistake of referring to iron and steel as the same thing. Yet, this is not the truth. Although they are similar, they have differences too. Iron is an element, and this metal is found in its natural state. To make steel, you combine iron with carbon, so it is not actually a metal or non-metal. It is both. When you add carbon to iron you get an extremely strong and durable material, and this makes it highly valuable to the structural steel fabrication industry in Cleveland.

How is Steel Fabricated?

The fabrication process can entail many tasks. Any time you use steel to make something, shaping, welding, punching, sawing, or any other shop processes take place. This is fabrication.


Sheet metal is often cut with saws, but many modern shops use laser cutters for more accuracy and efficiency. In some cases, cutting torches play a role in the process. Computerized plasma cutters are very efficient and see use too.


Sheet metal is often formed and shaped with bending equipment to make many shapes and forms. This is a good way to create metal wall studs for the construction industry. Modern structural steel fabrication shops in Cleveland use CNC (computer numeric control) equipment for more accurate and efficient work. These are only a few of the ways fabrication keeps modern industry’s wheels turning.

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