Tips for Designing Patios in Brookline, MA


A patio can be a useful addition to any property but, for the best results, it’s important to take some time considering your options and planning. There are a number of things to take into consideration when designing Patios in Brookline MA.

Prospective Use

The first thing to do when planning a patio is to think about how you plan to use it. While some people make one large patio area, many people are better off with a number of separate areas where people can gather in smaller groups. Each area could have a purpose, such as eating, barbecuing, or simply socializing. A multi-level patio is a good way to accomplish this when the home is on a hill. Make sure to allow plenty of room not only for the furniture you plan to use but also for people to be able to move around among the furniture.

Check Out Existing Designs

It may help to spark your imagination if you check out pictures or plans for existing patio designs to give you a good idea of the different options for designing Patios in Brookline MA. While not all of these designs are likely to be exactly suited to your property, they can give you a starting point and help narrow down the options of what you like and don’t like.

Consider Different Materials

While poured concrete is among the least expensive ways to form a patio, and can be made more interesting by stamping it or adding color, it isn’t the ideal material for Brookline. The regular freezing and thawing cycle that occurs throughout the year during the changes of seasons will make it likely to crack in a relatively short time. A better option is to use brick or pavers that can be easy to create designs with and may last better. Should any break, they’re relatively easy to replace individually as needed. Another option is natural stone, but this tends to be more expensive both to purchase and to install. However, if the home already contains some type of stone, it can be a marvelous way to tie the patio into the home.

Contact Fitzgerald Restoration for more information on adding a patio to your home. They can also help with any masonry restoration needs.

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