How Honest Should You Be Before You Marry?

How Honest Should You Be Before You Marry?

There will almost certainly be the right time before the wedding day, when you check to see whether you have made the right decision, whether you have known the individual for three days, three months or three years. Have they told you the whole truth and nothing but the truth and have you been equally honest with them? Undertaking premarital therapy will allow you to discuss these issues in an open manner and you may find out how to balance being honest and tactful with your replies.

Which Questions Should Be Answered Honestly?

To help any premarital therapy sessions you undertake, there will be the requirement to practice open communication and discuss any items that concern you as you plan for a long and wonderful future with your partner.

Where there are areas that you do not discuss specifically, is this because either of you are holding back on your honesty and do not wish to share issues about your past or future thoughts?

Some individuals will suggest that you should be completely honest in all circumstances, but everyone has told a little white lie now and again. The level of honesty that you decide to share may hold back your future relationship or it may not be necessary to mention something, at all.

Comparing Being Tactful with Honesty

When you’ve had three beers and admit to two, you perhaps need to ask yourself why it is important that you twist the truth. Your premarital therapy discussions will help you understand the levels of honesty that you intend to share, along with your financial planning considerations.

On occasions, such as the obligatory question related to weight and choice of dress, a blend of tactfulness and honesty may bring the better result.

With or without honesty, you must assess whether any issues are left unaddressed and may cause problems in the years ahead.

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