Tips for Working With Flat Stainless Steel in Ohio


For those building enclosures or remodeling the kitchen, Flat Stainless Steel in Ohio may play a part. Sheet metal is available in various sizes and varieties, and the tricks and tips below can help users get those shiny sheets into the desired shape.


The most important factor when using sheet metal is deciding on a thickness. Like wire, steel thickness is measured according to gauges, with higher numbers indicating thinner sheets. A sheet metal gauge can show thickness in thousandths of an inch and in gauge number. However, gauging is different for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


It can be difficult to bend sheet metal without the right tools. Those who work with Flat Stainless Steel in Ohio on a regular basis are likely to have what they need, but amateurs may find these tools a bit expensive. However, a bit of improvisation and a few basic tools can help.


There are many different tools for cutting sheet metal, and each has its pros and cons. Below are some of the most common steel cutting options.

  • Snips: These are like scissors, and they’re ideal for cutting thin-gauge steel. Depending on the shape to be cut, different snips may be required.
  • Hacksaw: It can cut steel, but the shape severely limits cut depth and turning radius.
  • Nibbler: This tool offers great cut control at the expense of width.
  • Jigsaw: The right jigsaw and blade can quickly cut sheet metal.
  • Bandsaw: With the right blade, cutting steel is straightforward. Users will need a slower blade speed, but most bandsaws allow for easy adjustment.


After cutting stainless steel sheets, there may be a sharp edge. A deburring tool is great for those who frequently work with steel sheets, but a file can be just as effective. With proper deburring, the user’s fingers will be saved from cuts and scrapes.

Sheet metal has numerous applications that are only limited by the user’s imagination. By following the above tips on handling sheet metal, users can complete projects easily and safely. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can work with stainless steel from Tomametalsinc.com.

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