Things You Should Consider When Acquiring a Dumpster in Hartford CT

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Recycling

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8102604_lGood health is one of the greatest priorities that a person should ensure is maintained. For good health, cleanliness and healthy eating must be observed on a daily basis. Cleaning involves sweeping the carpet, washing utensils and clothes, wiping the furniture and correct disposal of waste. Waste disposal is usually in the form of either liquid or solid matter; liquid can easily be disposed of via the sewerage system. Solid matter can be safely discarded into the Dumpster in Hartford CT.


While considering the disposal of solid matter, you ought to consider how efficiently you can make use of your dumpster. Efficiency will ensure that the container will serve you for many years to come while at the same time ensuring the safety of you and your family. Some of the things you ought to consider while shopping for a dumpster include:


The scope of work


Dumpsters are designed for a variety of applications, and they include residential, commercial or industrial applications. In relation to the application, the size of the container plays an important role in the determination of how much waste material it can take. A 10-yard container can easily fit by your driveway for small jobs at home such as tree trimming. A 20-yard container can be used for both residential and commercial services like collection of waste from a construction site, renovation or cleaning of a large section of your home. The 40-yard container is the largest and can hold 40 cubic yards of waste, and its use is usually regulated by some building code ordinances. It is suitable for industrial and heavy commercial jobs.


The type of waste


Some containers are used to carry solid waste while others are specially constructed to transport liquids. Defining the work to be done will help you choose the right container. When considering disposing of corrosive liquids, you may need to consider a plastic dumpster to avoid seepage through metallic containers.


Not all types of waste can be discarded in a Dumpster in Hartford CT. Some of the materials that should not be placed in the dumpster include batteries, electronic appliances, paint, oil and other substances that are either toxic or contain toxic materials. Heavy and hard materials like bricks, ceramics and asphalt should be safely placed in metallic dumpsters and not plastic ones to avoid breakage.


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