The Benefits Offered by a Glass Bottle Recycling Service

The Benefits Offered by a Glass Bottle Recycling Service

Despite the fact that manufacturers offer products in dozens of packaging types, glass is still one of the most popular. It does not affect the taste of contents but does help them retain their aroma, flavor, and strength. It is also readily available since glass can be recycled. With these benefits in mind, most communities now include at least one glass bottle recycling service. They include waste management experts like Tiger Sanitation, who set up recycling programs. Their glass recycling programs help the environment, reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and reduce industrial pollution.

Re-purposed Glass Has Many Uses

The Glass Packaging Institute reports that the bulk of containers that are handled by a glass bottle recycling service go on to become new bottles. In fact, glass is one of the most sustainable packaging materials and can be re-used almost indefinitely. Even substandard glass is useful. It is used in the manufacture of tiles, flooring, match heads and bricks. Glass particles are also used to create aggregate materials which become part of surfaces like pavements and parking lots. Recycled glass is even being converted into landscaping and garden products that are part of a “greenscaping” trend. Glass mulch can improve water delivery more efficiently than wood since it does not absorb moisture.

Recycling Glass Helps Conserve Land

Many communities and businesses that want to reduce the amount of glass sent to landfills set up recycling plans via sites like Tigersanitation.com. Clients meet with waste managers, who design custom recycling programs that include glass collection. Experts educate their customers about which items can be recycled. The glass collected through these programs keeps tons of material out of landfills and helps reduce the amount of land devoted to waste disposal.

Recycled Glass Is Great for the Planet

Glass recycling conserves natural materials and reduces industrial pollution. Recycling a ton of glass saves over 400 pounds of soda ash, 300 pounds of limestone, around 160 pounds of feldspar and about 1200 pounds of sand. Recycling six tons of glass can reduce a ton of carbon dioxide. The process creates no further byproducts or waste.

Glass recycling programs are common because they reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Recycled glass can be adapted for many purposes without using any raw materials. It is exceptionally eco-friendly because creating new products from recycled glass reduces industrial pollution without creating new byproducts. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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