How a Recycling Company Benefits the Community

How a Recycling Company Benefits the Community

In the 1970’s recycling was often considered a novel idea. The practice didn’t became widespread in the U.S. until the 1990’s. Thanks to scientific research, it is now hard to find a U.S. town without its own Recycling Company. In fact, local waste disposal businesses like Tigersanitation.com typically include recycling as part of their services. As a result of these efforts, communities have reduced the number of landfills, created new jobs and helped create a greener planet.

Recycling Diverts Waste From Landfills

By the 1980’s Americans were sending more than 150 million tons of garbage to local landfills every year. Although modern sanitation methods have resulted in more efficient and safer garbage processing, the huge tracts of waste-filled land are eyesores. Their contents can create unpleasant odors and their decomposing contents can seep into groundwater. Fortunately, recycling now diverts about 32% of waste away from landfills and frees up thousands of acres for healthier uses.

Recycling Helps Job Growth

When a Recycling Company opens in a town, it creates new jobs. Many of those positions are specialized, require extensive training and pay well. Just adding recycling services to waste management businesses creates a vast number of new opportunities. It is also estimated that recycling can generate about 3 times more revenue than landfill disposal processes and creates roughly 6 times the jobs.

Recycling Contributes to a Greener Earth

The single biggest benefit of recycling is its impact on the earth. For example, recycling saves 95% of the energy needed to manufacture aluminum cans them from scratch. It minimizes the pollution created when extracting raw materials. Creating from reclaimed material reduces dangerous greenhouse emissions and conserves natural resources like wood, minerals and water. Recycling also uses much less energy than manufacturing new products. It is estimated that recycling a single can conserves enough energy to listen to an entire iPod album. A bedroom could be lighted for a week with the energy saved by recycling 100 cans.

Most American towns and cities now include active recycling programs. Recycling promotes job growth and helps reduce the need for landfills. It also contributes to a greener earth by conserving natural resources and reducing pollution. You can also visit them on Facebook page for more information.

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