The Process Involved With Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD


A chimney is designed to operate worry free for many years, but exposure to weather and extreme usage can cause a fireplace to show signs of wear and tear and not be as safe or as efficient. When this happens, the only viable option may be Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD. In addition to addressing the internal workings of the fireplace, they will also address the exterior problems and resurface the area exposed to the elements so that it will operate safely without worry. Here is what a homeowner can expect when they choose to have their chimney rebuilt.

Initial Evaluation

The first step is to determine the extent of the damage. The technician will inspect the quality of the interior and exterior components and determine what actions need to be taken to restore the safety of the chimney. They will discuss their finding with the homeowner before determining what repair costs will be required to complete the job. Some items are merely cosmetic and can be delayed until a future time.

Internal Repair

The next step to Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD is to restore the interior of the chimney. They will likely replace any missing bricks and fill any cracks in the mortar. They may also suggest the installation of a liner, which can help prevent future soot buildup and keep a chimney working reliably with less future maintenance. The extent of the repair work will depend on the age of the chimney and how often it is used.

External Repair

Lastly, they will restore the exterior of the chimney. This includes replacing any bricks that may have fallen and the installation of a new metal flashing and chimney cap to help prevent water from entering the home. The external components of a chimney are not only used to add beauty but are integral parts of keeping a fireplace operating safely without posing the threat of damage to the structure of the home.

Don’t let a faulty chimney lead to stress and unease. Contact Magic Mountain Chimney to learn more about the process of rebuilding a chimney, and how it can help keep a home safe and improve resale value.

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