Etiquette Tips For Island Transport in Maui

Etiquette Tips For Island Transport in Maui

Having to arrange travel for big executive meetings may seem like a daunting task, especially if one has never done it before. However, by simply using common sense and following a few simple etiquette tips, arranging Island Transport in Maui can be a breeze.

  • Take note of how many passengers will be riding in the vehicle. If this number changes, be sure to alert the company of the change. This is for the sake of not only comfort but also for safety.
  • Unless a smoking car is desired, a non-smoking car should always be requested. As a general rule of thumb, non-smokers will not exactly be pleased if a car that has been smoked in arrives to pick them up.
  • Make sure the make, model, and color of the car is known, and be sure to inform the party to be picked up of this information. It will make the entire pick-up process much easier on everyone, especially outside of crowded airports.
  • When the car arrives at its intended destination, all parties should remain in their seats. One of the duties of the chauffeur is to open the door and assist each passenger out of the car.
  • Please let the driver of the Island Transport in Maui know if there are any special stops that will need to be made and provide exact directions to those locations, if necessary. This will be especially crucial if the parties are traveling with limited time to spare.
  • Although this should go without saying, it still needs to be said. Never request the driver to engage in any illegal activities such as speeding or other forms of unsafe driving. This may result in immediate termination of services.
  • The chauffeur will load and unload all luggage. Please do not attempt to do so yourself.

For more etiquette suggestions, or to simply book a limo or town car for that next big C-level executive meeting, contact a reliable company such as Hawaii Executive Transportation. A company that has been in the business for awhile will know exactly how to make the client’s trip as enjoyable as it should be.

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