Does Your Chimney Need Repairing?

Does Your Chimney Need Repairing?

The chimney on a home is often one of those things that gets little attention; out of sight out of mind. However, chimneys can deteriorate over time and as a result they can pose a danger to your home and family. A chimney can settle, it can crack, gaps can appear and bricks can come loose as well as deteriorate from constant expansion and contraction during the heating season. It is extremely important that the chimney be inspected and when necessary, chimney repair in Chicago must be carried out.

Water is the biggest enemy of a chimney:

Water is the cause of more chimney damage than any other cause. Chimneys can deteriorate far faster than the exterior of your home as they can be attacked by the elements from all sides. The constant exposure to rain, sleet and snow makes it extremely vulnerable to rapid deterioration.

Brick deterioration: From the homeowners point of view this is perhaps the easiest problem to identify. Water will cause a process called “spalling,” if this problem is not attended to it can lead to a complete collapse of the chimney.

Damage to the mortar joints: Mortar is not as hard as the surface of bricks, with constant exposure to the elements it can fail. When the mortar loosens and begins to crumble water can seep through the chimney into the flue. When the temperature drops in the winter it can result in serious problems.

Failed chimney cap: The chimney crown is important, it not only has esthetic value it stops water from entering the flue.

Failed flashing: Flashing is metal that is used whenever a roof line changes direction or an object comes through the roof. If the flashing fails water can easily enter the attic and cause damage to walls and ceilings.

To ensure that you enjoy your fireplace or “pot belly stove” have your chimney inspected. Annual chimney repair in Chicago is highly recommended.

Chimney inspection and chimney repair in Chicago is extremely important. To ensure that the chimney on your home is in perfect condition and does not pose any threat you are invited to contact www.chicagochimneyexperts.com.

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