The Gummy Bear Benefit

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Healthcare

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Gummy Implants New York have changed the perceptive of the breast implant procedure. There is a lot of emphasis that has been placed on wanting breast implants that create a natural look as well as feel and give a very precise fit. The gummy implant option offers this and more with various sizes that are made to custom fit the size of the body that the implants will be inserted into. There is of course a bit of question to the name of the implants but it’s quite appropriate to be exact. The name gummy bear implants is a reflection of how bouncy and perky the implants are just as their namesake, the gummy bear.

The Design

There is a bit of difference in the way the Gummy Implants New York are manufactured that makes them unique and sets them apart from the rest. There is a substance that is added to the actual silicone that helps the implant to receive the bouncy feature. This is the cross linker effect that is associated with the gummy bear implant. In addition to this, another factor of significance in the design is that a cut or puncture to the gummy implant doesn’t affect the shape or cause leakage. This fact alone makes these breast implants the safest of implant options available today. The design of the gummy bear is modelled to enhance the figure of the patient with a tasteful and contoured approach. There is also a great advantage in the gummy bear implant because all models can be obtained with or without the textured surface. This allows more versatility over the end result of the implant procedure.

The Dynamic Duo

The Gummy Implants New York provide a specific dual benefit in that they are both durable and safe to use. These are two of the most important factors when selecting the best breast implants for a cosmetic breast enhancement. It’s important to choose implants that are safe for you as well as your body and there needs to be a certain level of durability that the implant possesses. Individuals who choose to have the gummy bear implants inserted, have a slighter chance of seeing these implants develop folds or other form deficiencies such as wrinkles. The absence of these characteristics makes it highly unlikely that the shells will rupture or otherwise fail. Once the procedure has been performed, there is a great deal of comfort and confidence that is given because of the durability and safety duo.

Gummy Implants New York are designed with safety and durability in mind.  Gummy Bear Breast Implants New York set the safety standard in breast implants.

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