The Benefits To Outsourcing Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

The Benefits To Outsourcing Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication is a part of many types of manufacturing and production requirements. It is used in the manufacturing of equipment, machines, systems and even in building and construction work as well as HVAC systems.

There are many different steps and processes offered by specialized sheet metal fabrication services. Rather than trying to complete these processes in-house, most OEMs now outsource this work to specialized shops with significant benefits to the OEM’s bottom line.

There are four major areas where an OEM will see a benefit in working with top sheet metal fabrication services. Choosing a company with expertise, industry experience and production capacity will always be important for an OEM to consider.

Faster Production Times

Specialty shops have the equipment and skilled employees to ensure fast production and low turnaround times on orders. This is a significant consideration as it ensures the OEM that JIT (Just in Time) or one-off small to large volume orders can be completed on time and on your delivery schedule.

Ability to Scale Up Production Quickly

In-house fabrication services will have maximum production capacity. Specialty shops have the equipment, space and capacity to handle very large volume orders from large OEMs on an ongoing basis. They also have the ability to scale up production to meet the needs of their customers.

Set Cost of Production

For the OEM, using sheet metal fabrication services allows for accurate pricing of the production process. There are never variations in the cost as the fabricators are working to a contract pricing agreement.

No Investment in Equipment and Labor

The OEM will not have to worry about the costs of purchasing and maintaining sheet metal equipment, in negotiating the cost of raw material or in hiring people to operate equipment.

Additionally, if secondary services are required, the fabricator may be able to provide those as well, further adding to the value they offer the OEM.

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