Steps For Selling Items To Jewelry Buyers In Chicago


Individuals who need to make some cash right away can pawn or sell their jewelry at a pawn shop. This method is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get money instantly and there’s no credit check involved. Read the information below to learn the steps for selling to Jewelry buyers in Chicago for immediate cash.

Gather Jewelry Items

Individuals should first collect all the jewelry they want to take to the pawn shop. This includes fine jewelry, designer jewelry, loose diamonds and even jewelry that’s broken or missing a stone. Next, individuals should sort their jewelry into piles depending on the type or the jewelry’s condition.

For instance, all the jewelry that’s broken, tangled or bent should be place in the same pile because it will be sold as scrap jewelry. Individuals should also make separate piles for designer pieces and fine jewelry. Real gold and silver pieces, as well as those that have semi-precious or precious stones, are considered fine jewelry.

Determine If Selling or Pawning

After sorting through their jewelry, individuals can then decide if they want to pawn or sell their jewelery at the pawn shop. Both methods will produce instant cash and when items are pawned, individuals will have the chance to buy their items back within a certain time frame. In addition to the repayment of the price paid for the items, individuals will also be required to pay interest on the loan.

If individuals cannot or decide not to pay back the loan, the pawn shop keeps the jewelry and resells it in their store. When individuals don’t want to buy back their jewelry items, they can just sell them outright to the pawn shop for cash.

Visit A Pawn Shop

When individuals have completed the first two steps, they’re ready to take their items to Jewelry buyers in Chicago. The proprietor will make a cash offer after examining all of the jewelry pieces. If the individual wants to buy the items back, the pawn shop owner will write out a form that specifies the terms of the agreement, price paid and the interest charges.

Individuals in Chicago who are interested in selling jewelry for quick cash can Contact Clark Pawners and Jewelers. All types of jewelry is bought at this location including diamond, gold, silver, platinum, broken jewelry, designer jewelry and watches.

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