Take Advantage of an Established Jewelry and Pawn Store in Chicago


A big city will contain many pawn shops. The key to great pricing and professional services is to find a Pawn Store in Chicago that has been in business for decades. That new shop on the other side of town is still in the learning curve phase. People who choose to pawn an item, or have to pawn something for fast cash, will want a fair price.


The newer shop may not quite have a handle on estimating the true value of certain items. There may be a strength in pricing televisions, but may not have a clue when it comes to musical instruments or collectibles. An accurate and fair assessment by the experienced staff in a Pawn Store in Chicago is based on several components, such has the likeliness of selling the item in that community, the current economic state, and what has sold well in the past. Without that knowledge, the price offered for the item may be too low.

Cash Loans

Many pawn shops offer cash loans on a collateral basis. People bring in an item of value and staff members determine how much money they can loan based on the value of the item. This is faster and easier than going through a bank. There are no credit checks conducted and failure to pay results in the loss of the item opposed to legal action from collection agencies. Another advantage is the loan does not effect your current credit score.

They Buy Gold

Customers who prefer not to pawn any items or take out a loan can still get the cash they need. An established shop, such as Clark Pawners and Jewelers, will buy scrap gold, platinum, and silver at current market prices. Selling gold means the transaction is completed and there is no need to do anything else. No worries about how to pay back a loan, how to get a prized possession out of hock, or what to tell the partner when that item is no longer in the house.

A pawn store that has existed for decades indicates a professional business with hundreds of satisfied customers. No store that cheats people or sells them short will survive in any one community for a long period of time.

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