4 Evil Things That Happen When You Miss an Oil Change


It’s easy to miss out on a lot of things when your days are a flurry of deadlines, traffic and sleepless nights. However, forgetting about getting your car’s oil change can lead to a lot of disastrous results.

Oil breakdown

Your engine oil will break down over time. That’s mostly due to the high temperatures it’s often exposed to. When that happens, the oil will no longer be capable of providing your car system with the lubrication it needs, U.S. News explains.

Poor lubrication

Oil in your engine makes it easy for moving parts of the system to work together. Without the oil, though, system processes will result in a lot of friction. This friction can lead to premature wear. That’s one possible reason for why you often hear strange sounds coming from your engine. To restore proper lubrication levels, you’ll need to get an oil change in Euless TX.


If you take too long in getting the oil changed, that’s going to mean more pollutants and particulates in the oil. Dirt can also build up in the substance. All these will compromise lubrication and lead to a lot of problems. Dirt and debris or pollutants could get into different parts of your engine. That could lead to system problems and failures. Also, the particulates in the oil further hurt system parts because it prevents lubrication and contributes to the harmful friction that happens between your car parts and components.


Sludge is another likely result when you skip an oil change in Euless TX. This is when old oil starts to gel or solidify. That’s going to cause a lot of problems inside your engine since sludge will effectively keep your crankshafts, bearings, camshafts, valve train parts and more from moving without any problems. Prevent this by getting your ride to a good auto shop and having your car’s oil changed.

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