Special Glasses For Macular Degeneration


Individuals who discover they have age-related macular degeneration (AMD) do not all manifest the same kind of impairment. Some may only have a slight decrease in their visual capabilities; others suffer from major loss to their central vision, For most situations, your eye specialist can help you find special glasses for macular degeneration. In Minnesota, a professional can show you a range of options.

Glasses and More Glasses

If you have AMD, you may find yourself suffering from several issues. For those in the earliest stages, it may involve adjusting to a change from light to dark. It could also entail a decreased ability to denote contrasts and textural differences. This can lead to accidents. Yellow-tinted glasses can help with this issue.

For people with AMD, it may be necessary for them to be fitted for glasses that help them with near and/or far vision. These may be conventional or progressive bifocals. The former is the traditional type featuring a distinct division between the reading and far distance sections of the glasses. The latter type increases the actual magnification for reading at a certain angle.

Many others may prefer several different glasses for macular degeneration – one for different functions including a variety of commonplace tasks and matters:

* Computers

* Driving

* Far distance

* Household chores

* Reading

* Watching television

For those who suffer from severe AMD, talk to your Minnesota low vision optometrist about other options. These could involve special glasses that have higher magnification capabilities built-in. Another option is bioptic telescopes. This small device sits on the pair of glasses to improve the ability to see items and people that lie off in the distance.

Glasses for Macular Degeneration

If you have AMD, you can improve your ability to see. By talking to your low vision specialist about getting glasses for macular degeneration, you can take control of your situation. In Minnesota, talk to your doctor and arrange for a visit with a specialist s/he recommends.

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