Doing Pet Grooming in Everett To Remove Fleas From A Dog

Doing Pet Grooming in Everett To Remove Fleas From A Dog

When a dog suffers from flea bites, excessive scratching, and anxiety, it is likely their owner will want to take steps in ridding their pet of the harmful parasites causing these reactions. There are several steps that can be taken to rid a dog’s fur of fleas permanently. Here are some tips to consider.

Upkeep Will Need To Be Constant

Doing routine Pet Grooming in Everett will be necessary. One session to remove fleas will not be enough as eggs and larvae can be present outdoors and in the carpeting of the home, infesting the pet again rather easily. Going to a groomer for routine flea shampoos and combing will be extremely beneficial in keeping the fur flea-free.

Work Will Need To Be Done In The Home

In addition to tending to the pet with fleas, the home will require special care to help in keeping fleas from reproducing and jumping back on the dog. Vacuuming should be done each day to remove eggs, baby fleas, and larvae from carpeting, corners, and between floor panels.

Placing a flea collar inside of the collection bin or bag of the vacuum will help to kill any fleas captured. It is best to remove the debris collected and place it in a garbage bag to tie immediately to keep parasites from jumping out.

See A Veterinarian If Fleas Do Not Go Away

If routine grooming does not eliminate fleas in their entirety, a prescription pesticide will need to be administered to kill any parasites still present on the dog. These medications will also stop the life cycle of fleas on the animal. A veterinarian will also make recommendations regarding skin treatment if painful, red sores are present from flea bites. Many dogs have an allergic reaction to bites, causing them to bite at their fur.

Having a professional to do Pet Grooming in Everett is the first step in battling a flea problem. Make an appointment with a reputable service in the area today to pamper a dog with a grooming session. Check out a business like Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc to find out more.

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