What Is A Low Vision Rehabilitation Therapist?


While losing vision can be very traumatic, there are ways of reducing its impact on your life and lifestyle. You do not have to give up your daily activities. Instead, you have to find alternative means of doing them. There are tools out there to help you learn new ways and approaches; however, this will require a guide. In cities in states across America, including Minnesota, Florida, Maine and California, one of the individuals whose training can help you in this area is a low vision rehabilitation therapist.

What Are Low Vision Rehabilitation Therapists (LVRTs)?

This type of therapist helps those with low vision problems adapt to their current state of life. They are there to help their patients adapt by teaching them living skills – skills that allow them to remain independent. These therapists work with their patients and as part of a low vision, team to ensure they receive the level of training in whatever techniques are essential for them to continue to perform their daily activities and chores.

What Services Do They Offer?

A low vision rehabilitation therapist may offer the following services:

* Reading

* Writing

* Spatial movement

* Personal care

* Television viewing

* Cooking

* Cleaning

* Finding lost objects

* Other common or favorite pursuits related to recreation, work and education

An individual may offer a variety of these services as well as others specifically related to diagnosing and treating a person with low vision. This could be an optometrist. On other hands, in larger centers in Minnesota, for example, the various services may fall into the domain of different professionals. They will work as part of a team to help the low vision patient remain an active participant in their life.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

If you are in need of low vision rehabilitation, talk to your doctor. He or she can help you locate the right professional. In Minnesota, this could be an optometrist or an LVR therapist.

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