Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak in Tacoma


Hidden water leaks cause major damages to home each year. When a homeowner is unaware they have a leak, the porous materials of their home can slowly become destroyed. Water leaks can also cause problems with the foundation and lead to higher municipal water costs. It is imperative homeowners can recognize the warning signs they have a hidden Water Leak in Tacoma.

Signs of Hidden Leaks

Unfortunately, the vast majority of plumbing components is hidden behind walls or in flooring. The fact that these components are hidden makes it difficult for a homeowner to be able to spot leaks when they begin occurring. Thankfully, there are some signs that can alert homeowners to the fact they have a leak problem.

* Homes that have mold or mildew growing on walls that are not connected to showers likely means a leak is present. If a homeowner notices unusual mold or mildew growth in their home, they need to have their pipes inspected for signs of leaks.

* If a homeowner shuts off all sources of water in their home and sees their water meter continuing to move, this is a sure sign there is a leak somewhere in the house that needs to be investigated right away.

* Unusually high water bills often mean leaks are present in the home. While a slightly elevated water bill is no reason for major alarm, one that is significantly elevated may mean leaks are occurring.

* Musty smells that are permeating a home should not be ignored since this can mean there is hidden Water Leak in Tacoma. Musty odors occur in damp areas

Call For Service Today

Should a homeowner notice any of the above signs, it is likely there is a hidden leak somewhere in the home. Because it can be so difficult to pinpoint leaks, it is wise for a person to seek help from a professional plumber.

If you are in need of plumbing services to help you find a hidden leak, call the office right away. Allow a professional plumber to use their equipment and knowledge to find your leak so it can be adequately repaired.

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