Why You Should Contact a Workers Comp Attorney After Being Injured at Work


After a work-related accident, an employee is entitled to be compensated by their employer for any medical care they require, and wages lost while they are unable to work. While there are laws established to protect the injured worker, over the years the benefits employees used to receive have been seriously reduced and difficult to obtain. While most people believe they do not require the services of a worker’s compensation attorney until their benefits have been terminated or denied. This could not be further from the truth, in fact, an employee that has suffered a work-related injury in Michigan should immediately contact a law firm.

Understanding Your Rights

Workers comp is a complex process, and in some cases, the employer or agent will do what they can to deny the employee their benefits. A worker’s compensation attorney can help explain what workers comp is and the type of benefits the employee is entitled to. A lawyer can explain which employers are responsible for providing workers comp in Michigan; and which businesses such as interstate railroads and federal government are not covered under the law. In addition to answering any other questions, the employee may have and provide them with the valuable legal advice to help keep their rights protected.

Affordable Legal Advice is Available

Charters, Tyler & Zack, P.C. understands the importance of being able to receive the medical care you require after being injured in a work-related injury. Plus, the ability to recoup the lost wages that occur while you are recovering and the right to vocational rehabilitation if you are unable to return to your old position. They offer free advice to the victim to help them gain the information required to successfully obtain their benefits and do not charge for their services unless they acquire the benefits for you.

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