Things You Need to Remember Before Buying Auto Insurance in St. Augustine


It can be a big mistake when you do not have auto insurance, especially when hitting the road on a daily basis. Auto Insurance will always be a big boon especially when faced with big repair expenses. In most states it is the law that you must have it, so ensure you have the proper coverage in place to keep yourself well-protected. There are a few things you need to remember before buying auto insurance in St. Augustine.

1. Claim Settlement

It is important you consider the claim settlement ratio of the auto insurance company. Always go for a company with a good track record of settling auto insurance claims. No one would want to pay premiums and have their claim rejected for baseless points and objections.

2. Cashless Option

Just like some medical claims which have a cashless option, there are some auto insurance companies that also provide such an option. It can be a great relief for you if this is available, so you will not have to run around organizing for cash in case of emergencies.

3. Network Garages

The more network garages, the more they will be nearby you in case of an emergency. Before buying auto insurance from a company, always check a list of network garages, reputation and feedback of these garages. Never rush in buying auto insurance without checking its list of network garages.

4. Insurance Speed and Coverage

You need to consider how soon the coverage will start and how soon the policy will be issued. There are companies that can take a whole month to get the whole thing finalized. In this era, the speed of coverage and issuance of policies are important considerations when buying auto insurance.

At Florida Farm Bureau Insurance, we will provide you with affordable premiums and the right plans. We are proud to be your insurance specialist in the St. Augustine area.

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