Secure Storage Service in Chattanooga

Secure Storage Service in Chattanooga

One of the most important aspects of relocating is storage. Your possessions aren’t just valuable they are also important to you and often times carry sentimental value. Trust is the number one issue when choosing storage facilities, and dependable and consistent service helps build that trust. You need a company with a proven track record to ensure the security of your possessions and your own peace of mind. There are critical features to look for when choosing a storage facility.

Secure Storage Features
When choosing a storage facility for short or long-term storage, security features are the keys to your trust. Closed circuit camera systems help deter problems, and record all movement at the storage service. Chattanooga storage facilities are required to have fire detection and sprinkler systems which help guard your possession against fire and smoke damage. Burglar alarms are a must, and a reputable storage provider is equipped with electronic devices to notify police and fire departments.

* Fire Protection
* Theft Protection
* Camera Systems

Vaulted Storage
There are unique benefits to vaulted storage. Your possessions are packaged and placed in a climate controlled vault. Vault temperatures are steady, and not subject to high humidity ensuring your possessions a healthy storage life. You only pay for the actual space your vault requires, and not an entire garage type facility. At a Chattanooga storage service, you can request access to your vault at any time, and when you are ready for delivery, the vault is brought to your door.

* Climate Control
* Security
* Easy Access

Additional Features
Look for an insured storage service, and real time monitoring systems. A full-time maintenance staff, and well maintained buildings and driveways show care by a storage provider. Individual door alarms, electronic pass code systems, and lighting are important features as well as security fencing. Check licenses and ask to see certifications from local business associations. Ask for a 24/7 contact number.

The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) offers referrals from its certified member list, and the AMSA offers a customer protection program that helps protect you from rogue operators. The AMSA works the United States government to prevent unethical storage and moving practices in Chattanooga.

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