How to Manage a Tow Sticker


A tow sticker is required in many areas before a vehicle can be impounded legally. The process of physically tagging vehicles can be very time consuming and difficult to manage. There are some ways, however, of facilitating and effectively managing tow stickers.

Write in All Capital Letters
Many people have poor handwriting but a tow sticker that is illegible can be a financial impairment to any business. The legibility of a tow sticker can be improved if the person writing the information on the tag or sticker writes in all capital letters. Handwriting is much easier to decipher when written this way.

Pre-Printed Stickers
If handwriting is still an issue with drivers and spotters, there are companies that specialize in making stickers for the towing industry that can be custom designed for specific requirements. They can have pre-printed messages with diagrams so no handwriting is required.

There are also No Carbon Required or NCR stickers that utilize the liner of the label as a copy. They are typically made using adhesives that are the strongest on the market. These stickers can be in one of several fluorescent colors or any other preferred color.

Systemize Properties
Many towing companies have large printouts of the areas they cover on a wall and have the areas subdivided into regions with each region being color coded. In addition, within each region, properties are numbered in a logical fashion according to the geography of the properties. This makes it easier for drivers and spotters to find a particular property.

New properties are regularly added to routes, but having a system in place can facilitate the numbering process when properties are added within each region.

Use Scheduled Offset Patrols
A critical component of scaling a process is making things easy to repeat. Spotters should perform their routes on a daily basis in a scheduled, orderly fashion. Then the driver patrols should be offset so that as many private property impounds as possible can be collected.

This way, the spotters are essentially creating a breadcrumb trail for the drivers. Consequently, the driver can follow the trail of the spotter after the set expiration time for the area or property that is under surveillance. Having the process scheduled and repeatable serves to increase efficiency.

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