Why a Custom Park Cottage in Dallas, TX Makes an Ideal Vacation Home


Every year hundreds of Texans solve vacation home problems when they order specially-build park cottages. The majority buy from experienced professionals like Platinum Cottages, who offer a range of housing options that can be customized to clients’ tastes. Contractors also work with local RV parks and resorts, making it simple for customers to have finished homes moved to permanent locations.

RV Benefits With a Homey Feel

Space and energy-efficient park cottages are technically considered recreational vehicles. Unlike actual RV’s, a Cottage in Dallas TX cannot be towed behind pickup truck and does not have a holding tank. Clients searching for vacation or guest homes often order the compact bungalows after viewing galleries on sites like website Many cottages are used as resort or weekend retreats. However, all are fully functional, smaller versions of luxury homes and are well-suited to year-round living. Builders can create and deliver models anywhere that customers want, but most are set up in traditional RV parks.

Design Options Are Virtually Unlimited

In addition to being versatile, a Cottage in Dallas TX can easily be customized to suit any taste. Contractors offer designs ranging from rustic log cabin styles to cheerful clapboard homes that would be at home in any seaside community. Luxury cottages are created using premium materials and fixtures and decorated with exceptional furnishings. They are designed for convenience, beauty, and economy. Homes are certified “green” and safety rated. Designers build in storage solutions that expand usable space. Customers often add front and wrap-around porches, decks and patios.

Park Models Are Ideal for Resort Living

Customers may choose park cottages in order to take advantage of amenities offered by RV parks and resorts. Cottage builders have the specialized equipment needed to transport homes to parks and usually include the service in their costs. Houses are placed on concrete slabs and hooked into utilities, so owners literally have all of the comforts of bigger, traditional homes. RV communities can range from rustic villages to well-lighted and carefully paved neighborhoods. They can include live entertainment, outdoor recreation and even dog parks.

Custom-made park cottages are very popular among Texans who either want simpler housing or need part-time homes. Many choose luxury models which include exceptional amenities and can be built to taste. Owners also like the fact that their compact homes are easily installed in resort-style RV parks. You can also visit them on Facebook for regular posts.

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