Saving Money On Quality Analytical Instruments


For any lab or testing facility, the budget is often the biggest obstacle in being able to get the latest in equipment and instruments. The cost of the equipment, which can be substantial, is sometimes hard to justify to operations and program managers without the technical knowledge to understand the value of upgrading to newer options in analytical instruments.

A Solution to the Budget Issue

One way to address this issue, without having to argue the cost of new analytical instruments, it is to choose used equipment. This is not old equipment or outdated equipment. In fact, it can be newer or upgraded models of your existing instruments.

By choosing refurbished or certified used equipment, the lab is able to upgrade to like-new equipment that will arrive in working condition at a fraction of the price of a new machine. At the same time, the lab will see an uptick in lab testing capability, speed or accuracy, which will translate into data that can be used to demonstrate further how upgrading equipment provides benefits.

Quality Sellers

No matter how cheap the used analytical instruments may be, if they are not from a reputable, dependable and established seller, they are not a bargain. Used lab equipment is sold online at auctions, through private ads and even through equipment brokers.

These venues are buyer beware types of sites and purchasing options. It is only through working with an experienced used lab equipment dealer with a stellar reputation in quality equipment that any equipment is really a bargain.

These online sellers will provide their own in-house testing and refurbishing of the equipment they sell. Some of the top companies are even able to purchase your old equipment, further helping to offset the price of the upgrade instruments.

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