Reason to Call on the Services of an Animal Doctor in Honolulu


Just like people, pets and livestock do get sick from time to time. When illness occurs, it makes sense to seek out the services of an Animal Doctor in Honolulu. Here are a few examples of instances that call for professional medical attention without delay.

The Demeanor of the Family Pet Changes

In times past, the family dog was always friendly and affectionate. Anyone entering the home would be greeted by a wagging tail. Lately, the dog tends to be very quiet and the tail is low. At times, it even seems to be tucked between the legs.

This change in demeanor indicates the canine is in pain. Dogs instinctively withdraw as a means of protecting themselves. Since they cannot tell their owners that some sort of pain is occurring, it pays to take the pet to a local Animal Doctor in Honolulu and find out what is going on. In many cases, the condition can be diagnosed and the pet will once again be happy and playful.

Obvious Stomach Problems

A pet that experiences loose stool or regurgitates frequently has likely picked up some sort of parasite or virus. Rest assured that the animal is not getting a reasonable amount of nutrients even if food is still being ingested at a normal pace. Before the lack of nutrition begins to trigger more health woes, take the animal to a vet. Once the origin of the stomach problem is identified, a round of treatments to get rid of the parasite will commence.

Dealing with Old Age

Animals who are getting older will develop more issues with joints, cognition, and other aspects of health. Seeing a vet will often lead to making some changes in the diet of the animal and possibly include the need to take medication daily. A vet can provide some practical tips for making sure the animal does take the medicine. Those tips will come in handy when a pet refuses to have anything to do with the medication.

For those who suspect that the family pet is not feeling well, contact The Honolulu Pet Clinic today. After a thorough checkup, it will be possible to determine what steps are necessary to help the animal feel better.

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