Bamboo Flooring to Add to the Elegance of the Property


Planning on updating the flooring inside your home? A self-regenerating natural resource that is available in abundance around the globe is bamboo. Fast-growing, bamboo looks great and will stand the test of time. Over the last few years, the popularity of this building material has grown and there is no wonder why. Minimal upkeep is required for this renewable resource, which has a blend of light colours and mellow hues that give it aesthetic appeal. If the beautiful look and adaptability doesn’t tempt you to spend money on bamboo flooring, the following pointers sure will.

Add a Touch of Class

Bamboo is a timeless addition to any home and never seems to go out of fashion. So long-lasting is this material that you can guarantee it will maintain its elegant appearance 10 years from now. Forget about spending money on expensive appliances, chandeliers and other luxury details, because you can add a touch of glass to the home with bamboo flooring. The cost of bamboo flooring will depend on how much is being fitted but generally, you can expect to pay between $5 and $7 per square foot, not including labour costs.

Adaptable and Available

You might be on a small timescale if you are planning a home improvement project, therefore you probably won’t want to waste time searching for wood flooring. Bamboo is easy to get hold of and there are more than 1,500 species to choose from, such as arundinaria gigantea ‘Macon’, bambusa tulda and phyllostachys vivax. As the fastest growing type of wooded plant in the entire world, there is always a good supply of bamboo. Despite the fact that it is often grown in hot conditions, it can be used as flooring in pretty much any climate and can also be purchased locally.

Simple to Install

Sometimes, the cost of getting flooring fitted can outweigh the actual cost of the flooring material. This is why bamboo is so appealing, because it is easy to install. Most fitters will be able to get the job done in a couple of hours, so if you are a business owner who does not want to deal with disruptions or pay for days of labour, opt for bamboo. To speed up the installation process, check to make sure the floor is level, dry and clean.

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