Rack Plating: The Basic Process

Rack Plating: The Basic Process

When you arrange for electroplating a product, it is important to consider the different methods available. While many options exist, the two most common types are barrel and rack plating. Of these two, rack electroplating has a specific means of producing an optimal result for workpieces that do not fall into the category of “standard.”

What Differentiates Rack Electroplating?

Rack electroplating, a sub-category of batch or loose piece plating, distinguishes itself easily from other plating methods. One distinctive characteristic is the use of a rack (jig). This forms the basis to which a plater attaches the components. He affixes the parts using hooks or simply places them on the rack. However, one of several possible methods ensures these parts remain secure, firmly in place. Any of the following suffice:

* Bands

* Metal hooks

* Screws

* Spring fingers

* Wires

These mechanisms hold the parts in situ as the operator lowers them into the tank.

Another distinguishing aspect of rack plating is the characteristics of the objects to be plated. Rack electroplating serves best specialty work. It produces high-quality results for workpieces that are non-standard in size or shape. This process handles ideally pieces that are large or over-large. It is also extremely well suited to plating complex and fragile shapes. While, admittedly, it may prove to be more expensive than other forms of electroplating, rack electroplating provides optimal results for such situations. This helps to make the expense more cost-effective.

Rack Plating

If you are considering electroplating components that fall into the less than standard category, you should consider your options. For complex, large and/or delicate workpieces, talk to a professional plating company. In all likelihood, they will not suggest barrel plating. Instead, they will recommend the more logical and apt choice – rack plating. It handles effectively and efficiently intricate, large and/or delicate shapes and sizes.

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