Questions To Ask Any Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

Questions To Ask Any Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

Outsourcing stainless steel sheet metal fabrication is only an effective option if the Original Equipment Manufacturer is working with a top fabrication shop. Working with an average or typical sheet metal shop is unlikely to produce a better-quality part or component than can be done in-house.

Additionally, if the sheet metal shop fails to use quality control practices and efficient fabrication options, the outsourcing may actually result in higher costs to the OEM. Poorly fabricated parts can also cause delays in assembly and full system fabrication as well as continued issues for end-users of the system, device or equipment.

Choosing a stainless steel sheet metal fabrication shop to meet your standards for quality control, precision fabrication and working to your schedule and budget will be a significant advantage for the business. Asking a few questions of the sheet metal shop can quickly give the OEM a clear picture of what to expect.

Typical Order Size

Viewing different sheet metal shops online through websites can be misleading as to the size and capacity for fabrication. A better way to explore this issue is to ask the company the typical size of OEM they work with and the typical size of their orders.

Generally, larger shops tend to work with larger OEMs, and they may have larger volume requirements for production. Smaller shops may only work with small OEMs and be limited as to their ability to handle large volume production requirements.

Quality Control Practices

Even if there is no specific need for precision parts made to high tolerances, using a stainless steel sheet metal fabrication shop with a focus on quality control is always a benefit. Choosing an ISO 9001 certified shop is a wise choice in any industry.

Experience and Equipment

How long the shop has been in business, and the type of precision equipment they use for fabrication are always two important questions to ask. This information will provide any OEM with a picture of what they can expect from the fabrication service.

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