Purchasing An Inline Beer Carbonator

Purchasing An Inline Beer Carbonator

Some of the most popular beverages in the world are carbonated. From juices to water, people love the way the bubbles swirl over the tongue and around the mouth. In beer, drinkers refer to this as the “mouth feel.” As a brewer, you want to make sure your product has the proper carbon dioxide levels to achieve this. For some breweries, the only way to accomplish this is through an inline beer carbonator.

Searching for an Inline Carbonator

To date, there are several types of inline carbonators on the market. They are available from various companies – each of them claiming theirs is the best. I tis up to you to decide two major things:

1. What type of inline carbonator you need e.g. specific specifications and requirements it needs to meet and satisfy.

2. What company is reputable, reliable and offers good quality product at an affordable price.


For issues concerning the company, it is a matter of doing your research. You need to

* Contact other comparable breweries and ask what inline beer carbonator system they are currently using and any others they may have used
* Compile a list of prospects then branch out to include other companies.
* Research the specific suitable models and what they offer
* Consider each company in terms of quality of their product (gleaned from other brewers, online reviews and other similar source), installation and other customer services
* Compare the results with your budget, space and current brewhouse vessels in mind

No matter how affordable the product or how good its quality, it is always important to look at compatibility. This is essential if it is to operate with present and future brewhouse equipment.


Your brewery has its own requirements. It is extremely important that you consider them before you become entangled in the dream of owning a specific type of inline carbonator. You need to ask yourself two main questions:

1. Do we really need an inline carbonator?
2. Can we afford such a system?

If the answer is yes, then you can proceed to consider the various models keeping in mind you are looking for certain qualities. Always insist on:

* High quality products – Both materials and results
* Accuracy – This is the major reason why many opt for this system. Make sure yours is highly accurate
* Compatibility – For current and future usage, this is critical. Without it, you might as well use a tank system
* Ease of Use – If it is too complicated to understand and operate, it is probably left in the shop
* Degree of Computerization – Make certain you understand exactly how much is programmable

You might also want to consider whether the equipment can adapt itself to injecting nitro.

Inline Beer Carbonator

No one likes flat beer. Craft brewers like it least of all. They pride themselves on getting the levels of carbonation in their brews exactly as required. They also do not want to produce an effervescent beer with too much CO2. For some, the best way to produce consistently perfect beer is by using an inline beer carbonator.

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