What you need to Know about Inline Beer Carbonator

What you need to Know about Inline Beer Carbonator

The inline beer carbonator is one piece of equipment that you need to make quality beer at your facility. As the name suggests, this is a special machine engineered to add a specific amount of carbon dioxide on every beer bottle that passes through. Before proceeding, it is good to point out that the main role of the CO2 is to preserve the beer for long as it acts as a preservative. It also has a special quenching effect.

ProBrew is the leading manufacturer of modern beer carbonator systems in the world today. Professionalism, diligence, and transparency are some of the main attributes that have helped the company to grow and supply its products in all continents.
Here are some of the main attributes that you should know about this equipment.

Has Advanced Control System
The engineers worked smart to come up with control systems that are designed to ensure that the amount of CO2 added to the beer does not exceed the recommended level. The carbonation system works hand in hand with the nitrogenated system to deliver the expected results. This, in turn, helps to ensure the quality of the final product.

Can Operate Independently
This is one of the main attributes that give ProBrew inline beer carbonator an upper hand in the market. It can work and deliver the expected results independently. This means that you do not have to purchase other carbonating equipment if you have it.

High Accuracy
As mentioned earlier, excessive use of CO2 can compromise the quality of the beer. The engineers have incorporated special features that improve carbonation accuracy. Hence, you can be sure that each beer that you produce has the right amount of carbon dioxide.

Compact Design
This is another major attribute that gives this carbonator an upper hand in the market. You can use it in brewing facilities that have limited space as it has a very compact design. This means that by investing in it, you will save significant floor space, increase brewery sustainability, and reduce carbon footprint.

Unique Gas Injection Technology
This advanced inline beer carbonator uses a special injection and mixing technology that is designed to ensure that nitrogen and carbon dioxide are absorbed and dispersed correctly.

Improve the quality of the beer by using ProWeb beer carbonator. Despite the fact that it is unequal to no other, it is affordable and very reliable.

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