Why Delivery Food in New York is the Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Why Delivery Food in New York is the Environmentally-Friendly Choice

When you have had a long hard day, you certainly do not feel up to making a run to the grocery store. So choose delivery food in New York, as you sit comfortably on the couch instead of making a late-night trip to the supermarket – this is good for you and it is also good for the environment. As a matter of fact, recent studies have found that it is much better on the environment to leave the car in the garage and have your groceries delivered to your door.

Cutting Down on Carbon Dioxide

Engineers at the University of Washington have discovered that opting for delivery food can cut carbon dioxide emissions by as much as half in comparison to individual household trips to the grocery store. Food delivery trucks that are filled to capacity and deliver to numerous customers produced the greatest savings when it comes to carbon dioxide emissions.

All too often, people believe that in order to live greener, they will have to be inconvenienced. However, that is simply not always the case, especially where food delivery is concerned. From an environmental standpoint, grocery delivery can offer overwhelming reductions in emissions.

More and more consumers are making the choice to have their groceries delivered to their front door. While companies are interested in the costs and benefits associate with food delivery, experts are investigating whether opting for delivery food is in fact better for the environment. Recent analysis determined that food delivery trucks produced 20% to 70% less carbon dioxide than personal vehicles driven to and from the stores.

Food delivery also provides significant savings for the companies as well. From 80% to 90% less carbon dioxide is emitted when deliveries are made according to routes of several customers clustered together. This is better than making individual trips to one household at a time.

The simple fact of the matter is that most of the time as the bottom line for the delivery service benefits, so does the environment. The reason for this is because fuel is such a major contributor to the cost of operations as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Saving fuel will save money, which in turn will save on emissions.

Often times, people think that grocery delivery is something that would only beneficial to those living in urban areas. However, research has found that delivery food in New York could also lower the production of carbon dioxide considerably in rural areas as well.

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