Anti-Aging Skincare in Boulder, CO: Myths and Facts


Anti-aging skincare in Boulder, CO, has been a major thing for centuries now. There are so many products out there and so many tips and hints it has become difficult to determine what is a myth and what is fact. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the anti-aging skincare myths and facts to be revealed.

Myth: Everyone’s Skin Ages The Same

It’s a fact no one’s skin ages the same. Those with oily skin who was so irritated by their T zone in high school can be happy now. Oily skin takes longer to develop those fine wrinkle lines than dry skin does. This isn’t to say you should follow a less stringent routine for anti-aging skincare in Boulder, CO. It only means everyone’s skin does not age the same!

Myth: Staying in the Shade Will Protect You from the UV Rays

Again, not true. Staying in the shade still exposes you to the UV rays of the sun. You get more UV rays and more sun damage on a cloudy day than you do when the sun is beaming down because the rays are more focused.

Myth: Your Diet Has Nothing to Do with Aging Skin

Another total myth. Your diet has everything to do with aging skin. Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and getting fresh air has a lot to do with your skin not being dry, therefore cutting down on the aging process.

For more information on anti-aging skincare in Boulder, CO, contact the professionals at Vasu Skin Solutions for help.

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