Performing A Boring Operation: Automated Machine Types

Performing A Boring Operation: Automated Machine Types

A boring operation acts to finish large cored holes in castings. It can also finish pierced holes in forgings. Overall, no matter what tool a machinist utilizes, the intent of boring is to accomplish this by performing the following actions:

  • Producing the right size, dimension and finish to the hole
  • Correct flaws produced in the original drilling or coring process.
  • Ensure the existing holes become concentric with the exterior diameter

Operators can turn to automated machinery to achieve these goals.

Automated Machine Type

While handheld boring machines are still in use, many machinists rely on automated systems to perform the necessary work. Each boring operation can require a different type of machine. Among the most common automated machines available for machinists to employ are the following:

  • Precision Boring: This type of boring tool comes in diverse sizes and types. As a single-point rotating device, operators may employ it to enlarge and even straighten existing holes. Precision boring machines are available in a wide range of sizes and types.
  • Jig Boring:  This machine enlarges the already existing hole. This accurately and with great precision by boring, drilling and/or reaming produces the required hole centers
  • Lathe Boring: The result of this is single-point cutting tool is to enlarge the pre-existing hole to produce either a straight or tapered hole
  • Vertical Boring: As the name indicates, the vertical boring machine enlarges the hole using a vertical approach
  • Horizontal Boring:  This type of machine can mill, drill, ream and tap heavy workpieces. It bores the required hole in a horizontal direction.

A Machinist and the Boring Operation

A machinist needs to be able to select the right machine to perform the requisite actions in a boring operation with precision and accuracy. Automated machines can abet the action by improving speed and exactitude. CNC boring machines further advance the capabilities of increasing accuracy, precision, consistency, and productivity.

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