When Wire EDM Services Are The Best Option

When Wire EDM Services Are The Best Option

When it comes to working with metals and alloys, there are some very well established methods used for decades if not centuries. There are also some new technologies, with wire EDM as a prime example.

The Basics of the Process

Wire EDM was first used about six decades ago, but it was not a focus in most machine shops until a few decades later. The basics of the technology include the use of a taut wire stretched between two points, with one feeding in wire from a spool. This constant feed is required as the wire erodes due to the discharge of up to 250,000 times per second to cut the metal.

The cutting is completed with the wire and the workpiece submerged in deionized water. As the wire approaches the surface of the workpiece, a spark occurs along the precise path of the cut. The electric discharge superheats the specific point on the workpiece. At the same time, the dielectric fluid creates a high-pressure bubble as it becomes an ionized gas. As the bubble instantly collapses, it scatters all of the melted metal from the electric discharge into the surrounding solution.

In this way, the wire EDM provides a clean, precise cut without any accumulation of waste materials, burrs or irregular edges. As the fluid is constantly flowing along the surface, it also immediately cools the area exposed to the spark as well as assists in cooling the wire.

The Benefits

Using wire EDM services is very beneficial for specific types of cutting requirements. One of the big advantages in using the technique and the equipment is the ability to cut through much harder metals and alloys with speed and precision. Difficult with other cutting techniques, there is no problem in maintaining even exacting standards and tolerances with hard to work with materials.

There is also the benefit of applying the heat from the electric discharge only heating the specific metal of the cut. This is an advantage in eliminating the need to use further heat treatment to accommodate for the application of external heat with other cutting methods.

One other important consideration is the speed, wire EDM services can turn around even complex orders of large volume. With automation of the cutting process, this is a fast, low waste option to consider for parts of any shape and size.

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