Payment Plans that Can Save Money on Home Heating Oil in Groton CT

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Petroleum Products

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Like many homes, the need for heating oil during the cold months is a top priority. However, as much as you need Home Heating Oil in Groton CT, the prices can be somewhat overwhelming. When you’re on a tight budget, even the slightest fluctuation in a price can throw you off. While you can’t control the price of oil, you can find ways to make budgeting your heating oil each year a lot better. Below are a few suggestions to getting the oil costs down.


Inquire About Payment Plans


Most oil companies offer their customers several payment plan options. They provide either fixed rate plans or capped pricing methods. Fixed rate plans mean that the oil company has provided you with a price per gallon that will not fluctuate at any point during the year. For capped payment plans customers sign a contract for one year and the prices are determined based on an estimated rate generated from market prices for the previous year. These options would provide you with one set rate per month as opposed to fluctuating prices which can throw off your budget.


Pre-buying Options


There are some heating oil companies that will allow customers to purchase their heating oil ahead of time. This payment option is beneficial to those who have a tight budget as you can watch the prices to determine when you’d like to purchase your oil. You could purchase your oil during the summer when it is cheaper, and be prepared for the winter. However, with this option you will need to make sure that you have a pretty good idea of how much oil you use so that you don’t run out.


Finding a Quality Service Provider


In order to take advantage of the above benefits, it is important that you find the right service provider for oil deliveries in your area. A reputable company will have full service plans that include emergency deliveries, various payment options, and even services for cash on delivery.


Getting Home Heating Oil in Groton CT doesn’t have to be a very expensive process. Be sure to start your search for a reliable company now while the prices are low. Click here for info on how to secure a payment plan now that will save you money during the winter months when you need fuel the most.






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