Regular Maintenance WIll Keep A Furnace In Branford Working At It’s Best


A furnace that is operating at peak performance will keep a home comfortable and energy costs low. A furnace in Branford that is properly maintained will eliminate a homeowner’s concerns about safety issues and reduce the possibility of it breaking down when a homeowner needs it the most. An HVAC company understands that furnaces don’t break down during normal office hours and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to repair and service a furnace.


A tune-up of a furnace with routine maintenance will keep a furnace operating with uninterrupted service. A tune-up and inspection include a thorough inspection of the connections, blower motor, heat exchanger, ductwork and other safety features of a furnace. Safety features of the furnace are carefully examined by a trained technician so a homeowner can feel rest-assured their furnace is safe.

Early Detection of Furnace Problems

A furnace can provide a homeowner with a variety of situations that mean a company that can repair a Furnace in Branford should be contacted. Squealing during the start up or shut down from a furnace could be a sign of the belt failing. A loud bang when the furnace turns off or failure of a furnace to keep a home as warm as possible are signs that a furnace needs to be repaired.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers often fail due to expansion and contraction during operation. Heat exchangers can only be checked by a trained technician with a camera that can reach into the unit. If a heat exchanger is cracked, a furnace will need to be replaced. A cracked heat exchanger can cause soot and oil to be released into a home and cause a fire hazard.

Energy Costs

Energy costs for furnace can be reduced when it’s operating at peak performance. A homeowner can save hundreds of dollars each year by having their furnace maintained and regularly changing their filters.

If you want your furnace to operate as efficiently as possible, tune-ups and routine maintenance will help. A trained technician can perform work on furnaces such as Regal, Rheem, and Temp-Star. For more information about furnace repair and tune-ups, please visit East River Energy.

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