Chimney Cleaning in Queens NY: Why You Need To Clean Your Chimney

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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The fire place is very essential especially in keeping the house warm. Most houses are designed with a fireplace and you should therefore know the importance of maintaining it. If not properly taken care of, the fire place can cause grave danger to those living in a house. Experts of Chimney Cleaning in Queens NY share their reasons you should clean your chimney regularly. Visit website for more information.

Creosote is produced by fires especially the cracking ones. It finds its way up the chimney and sticks on its walls. When the creosotes deposit becomes too thick, it can easily catch fire. Chimney fires have been known to take lives and destroy property over the years. These fires can be prevented by following a simple routine of chimney cleaning.

A dirty chimney with heavy creosote also restricts the flow of carbon monoxide outside the chimney. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous odorless gas which is known to be a silent killer. If carbon monoxide finds its way back in the, the results could be devastating.

A clean chimney ensures that fire burning is efficient. You will notice that there is less smoke in the house as it finds its way easily up the chimney then outside. Smoke inside the house can make some to cough and others to have allergies.

Signs that your chimney needs cleaning
You can check the wall of your chimney and see how much soot has built up on the walls. If the soot build up appears to be thick, it is time to clean your chimney. Make sure you do it as fast as possible to prevent any danger from happening.

Sometimes, you might sense a burning smell even when there is no fire at all. Quickly go out at check your chimneys exit for any smoke as the fire might be burning in the chimney. The fire might spread to the rest of your house if no action is taken.

Experts’ advice that you should practice Chimney Cleaning in Queens NY at least once a year. If you do not know how to clean it, you can get professional assistance from US Chimney of Queens NY. Get more information about cleaning chimneys from


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