Nylon Coating for Metal – Types and Uses

Nylon Coating for Metal – Types and Uses

Nylon is a highly resistant and tough product that is initially derived from the oil of the Castor plant. This product resists oil and other chemicals in an effective manner and is utilized in many ways in the manufacturing industry. As an example, nylon coating for metal can effectively protect various elements in public transportation vehicles, such as seats, handles, and grab rails. It provides superb thermal, chemical, mechanical properties. The coating may be applied in the thickness that ranges from 0.005 to 0.05 inches


This coating has thermosets that provide heat sensitivity. The coating is placed on surfaces with a temperature is in the 250 to 275 degree Fahrenheit range. The coating begins to melt at this level. After the temperature reaches 350 degrees, the coding undergoes a chemical transformation that develops a plastic coating that is strong and flexible.


Thermoplastic nylon powder coating is very common and used in industrial applications. It is chemically resistant and noncorrosive in nature. When this coating is applied, the object of the coating is elevated to a temperature higher than the melting point of the nylon coating. After this is done, the powder is applied to the service and blends in with the surface very quickly.

Industry Uses

The industrial applications of nylon coating for metal are various and include dental, medical, and aeronautical. The consumers of various products and equipment receive the benefit from the protection these coatings provide.

The aeronautical and other industries utilize these coatings to protect various components. These types of industries often have parts and components that are subject to corrosive and abrasive forces that need to be properly addressed through the application of the right types of protective coatings.

Nylon powder coatings have the characteristics of smoothness and durability. They provide the necessary protection for equipment and machinery and as a result deliver cost savings for a company due to the extended viability and efficiency of the machinery and equipment.

Contact an Experienced Provider

For additional information about the types of applications and various benefits offered through the use of nylon coating for metal, contact an experienced industrial metal finishing company.

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