4 Axis Machining: Meeting The Challenge Of Intensified Part Complexity

4 Axis Machining: Meeting The Challenge Of Intensified Part Complexity

When to comes to improving current production while increasing a shop’s capability to service other markets, CNC devices are surely the way to go. In regards to machining, one method of improving CNC milling is to introduce 4 axis machining into the mix. This equipment operates with high efficiency and provides components for a variety of industrial concerns including in medical and aerospace.

Using the 4th Axis

A 4-axis machine utilizes CNC to shape along several different axes. In doing so, it will address such issues as complex dimensions and tight tolerances. The intended result is a workpiece or part that meets the demanding specifications and requirements of the customer with exacting repeatability.

The 4th axis of this type of machine has two typical uses. The modes in which a machinist may employ it are:

1. Indexing Mode: During this operation, no cutting occurs until the operator locks/stops the 4th axis. This mode is suitable for complex part production, e.g., gears with their many teeth

2. Continuous Mode: Also known as 4th axis contouring, during this type of operation, machining occurs as the workpiece rotates. It allows the machinist to produce shapes considered almost impossible, or at least very difficult, using other means.

Machinists select the mode according to the intended design and other factors.

4 Axis Machining Makes Improved Productivity and Growth Possible

Adding a 4th axis to a shop’s CNC arsenal is a very effective means of improving productivity. 4 axis machining enables a shop to undertake a variety of previously difficult types of work. At the same time, by installing this type of equipment, the machinist can improve the overall capability of the shop to produce current work with greater speed and less time spent for setup. Overall, relying on this type of CNC technology, allows a shop to both improve its current production levels and quality while increasing its capabilities to take on newer, more complex work.

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