Corrosion Resistant Coatings – Uses, Benefits and Applications

Corrosion Resistant Coatings – Uses, Benefits and Applications

In many types of industrial manufacturing settings, corrosion issues must be dealt with on a consistent basis. Businesses that operate in these industries require efficient solutions in order to reduce problems connected with corrosion – which ultimately promotes a longer service life for important equipment and machinery. The goals of more efficient and longer-lasting operational equipment can be reached through the use of corrosion resistant coatings.

Uses and Benefits

There are various factors that can facilitate the corrosion of machinery, equipment, and associated parts and components. These include regular wear, application of moisture, oxidation, and ultraviolet rays. When one or more of these factors are applied over time, significant deterioration of the metal can take place. Corrosion resistant coatings provide the necessary resistance to the degrading effects of the above-mentioned factors. Sometimes these coatings are applied for lubrication purposes as well. The service life of machine parts can be extended significantly with proper maintenance involving the application of these coatings.


There are multiple industries and organizations that can benefit from the application of coatings that prevent corrosion. These include aerospace, construction, commercial baking, laboratory and diagnostic, food processing, as well as local governments.

When electrostatic, but flocking, fluidized bed, and other applications are required, corrosion resistant coating products can provide excellent results. Companies that need corrosion resistant solutions in their manufacturing, production, maintenance services can benefit significantly from the use of these coatings.


Various types of corrosion resistant coatings are available for particular applications. Each coating has its own capabilities, features, and strengths to solve specific corrosion scenarios. Some of the products available include Halar, Nylon 11, Rislan ®, KF Polymer, and Plascoat.

Utilizing high quality corrosion resistant coating products can help lessen the need for as much maintenance work over time. They can also provide the benefit of minimizing costs associated with performing repairs and replacements due to debilitating corrosion problems that develop with important equipment parts and components.

If you currently have an application that requires the use of corrosion resistant solutions, whether it involves a construction project or industrial facility setting, important to have access to the reliable services and quality products available from an experienced metal finishing company.

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