Learning About Sod Installation in McLean VA For Properties

Learning About Sod Installation in McLean VA For Properties

If a property owner wants to get Sod Installation in McLean VA done without much of a problem, they will use a professional. Professionals know how to do sod installations from start to finish. Even though using a professional is the best course of action, some property owners will try to do the job themselves so that they can save money.

Starting Out

When a person is going to do their own Sod Installation in McLean VA, they have to learn how to start the job. The first thing they want to do is take measurements of the area the sod will be placed. If the area has a unique shape, adding about five to ten percent to the measurements might need to be done. It’s better to have too much sod than to have not enough to get the job done.

What’s Next

After the measurements have been done, it’s time to move on to the other steps. It’s important to remove any large rocks from the area that the sod will be moved to. Also, the soil can be tilled to a couple inches of depth. Grading the soil is also important. It can help with proper drainage in the area. This is especially true if the sod is going to be placed next to a home or garage.

More Tips

There’s still more to be done. It might be necessary to add topsoil to the area. If topsoil is to be added, it should be added to about four inches of depth. It’s also a good idea to test the pH level of the soil. Homeowners who are doing their own sod installations will have to make sure that they have the right tools. A good pair of gloves can be used to protect the hands. A knife will have to be used to cut edges around things like trees and buildings. Browse our website to find out more about sod.

Doing landscape work isn’t always easy. There isn’t anything stopping a person from making sod installation a do-it-yourself project, but a homeowner should really consider using a professional service if they want a great installation.

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