Choosing the Healthiest Cat Food on the Market

Choosing the Healthiest Cat Food on the Market

When you’re in the pet market looking for the best food to purchase for your cat, you might be overwhelmed by all of your available options. How do you know what the best brand of cat food is? What are the healthiest ingredients that you should be looking for to keep your feline friend happy and healthy?

At Earth Pets of Florida, we know that it can be a hassle trying to figure out what food is best. And we know that you care about giving the best health opportunities to your pet. That’s why we’ve made this short guide to give you an idea of what you should be looking for in the healthiest cat food on the market today.

Following AAFCO Standards
A good place to start looking for the ideal cat food would be to look at AAFCO requirements. The Association of American Feed Control Officials have guidelines for what ingredients are appropriate for cats, and what the best cat food brands are.

Some of these guidelines include:

  • At least 25% of a named protein ingredient, such as chicken or tuna
  • At least 3% of an additional included ingredient
  • At least 95% of a named ingredient if it is listed as the single ingredient

Brands such as Science Diet and Acana cat food typically do a good job following these requirements. But let’s break this down further to see what nutrients are best for your kitty.

Protein Vs. Carbohydrates
Cats are natural carnivores, meaning they need a high supply of protein to thrive. While they don’t naturally consume carbohydrates, there are some cat foods that include grains as an added energy source. But is this necessary?

Most researchers agree that cat food should be higher in protein than carbohydrates. Some owners choose to omit carbs from their cat’s diet altogether. However, it is ultimately up to you – just be sure that raw, fresh proteins, such as chicken or fish, are always the main ingredient your cat consumes.

No By-Products
Most by-products are harmful, man-made substances that can cause your cat to be unhealthy or gain weight. Some by-products can be healthy, such as the nutrients added from animal bones but others are not. Instead of taking the gamble, you can omit by-products altogether.

Start Improving Your Cat’s Health Today
At Earth Pets of Florida, we sell the best cat food brands such as Acana cat food. With the best interests of your cat’s health in mind, you won’t be disappointed in our natural and organic selections!

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