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There is a lot of information a victim can learn when they meet with an auto accident attorney in Arlington, TX. Most of these attorneys offer free consultations to allow a victim to learn how much their claim may be worth and more about their legal options. According to the Insurance Research Council, accident victims who are represented by an attorney end up receiving forty percent more in settlements. Although there are fees involved in hiring an attorney, victims do not have to pay unless they win their claim. These facts are provided to help victims protect their rights as they pursue compensation.

  • Drivers should never admit guilt of any kind at the scene of the accident. Even if they feel they are somewhat to blame, they should never say so until they have talked with an attorney. Admitting blame without full understanding can have a huge impact on a claim.
  • Victims should never speak with the insurance company and offer a recorded statement until they have been advised by an attorney. Recorded statements can be used to imply guilt and can lead to a denial of a claim.
  • When an insurance adjuster knows there are significant injuries that could potentially need ongoing medical care, they will attempt to rush a settlement so they can pay out less. Victims should never sign a settlement offer, without first having it reviewed by an attorney.
  • Documents should never be signed, even if a victim has read them thoroughly. Legal jargon can sometimes be difficult to understand by the average person. A victim could easily sign away their rights without even realizing they did so until it is too late.
  • Should an insurance adjuster begin requesting past medical records or past auto accident injury information, it is crucial a victim refuses until they have met with an attorney. An attorney will protect a victim and make sure their past medical records are not used to lower their settlement offer.

This attorney offers free consultation appointments and can answer your calls 24/7 so you can have the help you need.

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