Cosmetic Surgery For The Teeth And Gums

Cosmetic Surgery For The Teeth And Gums

Cosmetic surgery is usually associated with a nose job, a tummy tuck or some other procedure on the body. There are some cosmetic enhancements that a plastic surgeon cannot accomplish; this requires a dentist in Chicago that can perform cosmetic periodontal surgery. Many people who want to improve their appearance know that it doesn’t stop with the body; periodontology is also something that is often required for a complete makeover. There are a number of different corrections the dentist can make to improve your smile.

Too much gum showing:

This condition is often referred to as a “gummy” smile, basically the gum line is not even which results in some teeth looking longer than the others or there is simply too much gum covering the teeth. These are conditions that an endodontic dentist in Chicago can easily deal with using a procedure known as a gum lift or tooth lengthening. The teeth are not actually lengthened, the dentist removes any excess gum tissue and then reshapes the gum contour, the result is a much improved gum line and well proportioned teeth.

Exposed tooth roots:

Age, genetics and periodontal disease can cause the gums to recede, when this happens the roots of the teeth are exposed. The result is a visual impression that the teeth are longer than they should be, exposed roots also make the teeth more vulnerable to decay and the teeth become extremely sensitive to both hot and cold food and beverages. The dentist in Chicago can solve this by taking tissue from the roof of the mouth and transplant it to the gums, the result of course is a restored gum line.

Missing teeth:

As well as issues associated with the gums, missing teeth not only detract from your appearance, they can cause oral health problems. An endodontic dentist in Chicago can replace the tooth root with a titanium peg which in turn acts as the support for a crown which last a lifetime.

Cosmetic periodontal surgery can cover exposed root surfaces which can accelerate decay and are certainly unsightly. To learn more you are invited to make an appointment with Dental Specialists of South Loop & North Shore at www.endoperiosurg.com.

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