Important Information to Gather After Auto Accidents in Honolulu

Important Information to Gather After Auto Accidents in Honolulu

When anyone is involved in an auto accident, they should do certain things to protect their rights. It is critical to preserve evidence after an accident in the event that the driver wants to file a claim against the other parties involved. The time after auto accidents in Honolulu can be confusing, but the list below contains some things worthy of remembrance and consideration.

Information About Involved Parties

The first step is to find out who was involved. Obtain other drivers’ license information, names, addresses and telephone numbers. Determine if there were passengers in the other vehicles and get their contact information, as well as those of anyone who saw the accident happen.

Info About the Incident

An attorney with Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com will advise clients to record a substantial amount of information about the accident. Some things that should be recorded and documented include the location and time of the accident, the weather when it occurred, the directions in which the involved vehicles were traveling, and the circumstances of the accident.

Other Important Information

There’s a lot of information for a victim to gather if they’re in an accident. While some info may be difficult to obtain, it can be helpful in handling an insurance claim and potential lawsuit. Other relevant information includes:

The presence of injuries and the provision of medical treatment to involved parties.

The mechanical condition of the cars before the incident.

The other driver’s insurance status.

Whether any involved vehicles were towed.

Whether any involved parties admitted fault.

Whether the police came to investigate the accident and if citations were issued.

Get Medical Services

If the auto accident resulted in an injury, the victim should get the necessary medical care. Even if one believes they aren’t hurt immediately after the event, an injury could take days or weeks to manifest itself.

Should a Victim Call an Attorney?

If someone is involved in auto accidents in Honolulu, they should call a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. A local lawyer can inform clients of their rights, and the attorney can tell the victim which legal remedies may be available. Moreover, an attorney can help clients deal with auto insurance companies, and they can provide representation to those facing a lawsuit.

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