4 Questions To Ask Saint Paul Attic Insulation Contractors


Hiring insulation contractors specifically for the insulation of the attic of a new or existing home can be an ideal way to save money on electricity and home fuel bills both immediately as well as into the future.

Getting the best attic insulation contractors in any area around Saint Paul is a sure way to have experienced professionals working on your home. Hiring inexperienced and untrained insulation companies can result in wasted money and limited if any improvement of energy efficiency.

What type of insulation do you recommend and why?

Always ask the attic insulation contractors what insulation they recommend for your home and why. In most cases, spray foam or blown in types of insulation will be recommended as it provides superior coverage throughout the entire attic, even in hard to access spaces.

Make sure the company provides a free quote on the job and takes the time to answer your questions.

What is your experience in the insulation industry?

This can be a very insightful question and one that quickly separates the experienced company from the inexperienced services. Make sure the representative gives a clear answer and not something vague and uninformative.

Many of the best attic insulation contractors started out in home construction and then specialized in insulation services.

Do you have references?

Look for insulation contractors willing and able to prove references in the Saint Paul area. This is important as you want to ensure the company can provide the cost savings you want in this specific climate.

What services do you offer?

Look closely at the services the contractor can provide. They should be willing to remove the old insulation, if applicable, as well as offer insulation solutions to meet your budget.

The top companies will provide all types of insulation from traditional fiberglass batt insulation through to the latest in hot roof insulation services.

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