Keep The Ducts Clean With Industrial HVAC Service


There is no doubt that a fire or flood can do massive damage to a building, and there is much clean up that must be done to bring the building back up to an acceptable standard. For many, a clean up of this magnitude is more than they are able to handle by themselves, and it’s necessary to hire a restoration services company to do the work. A company such as this is experienced in handling clean up after flooding or fire and has the equipment necessary to complete the job thoroughly and efficiently.

When dealing with water damage, it’s essential that every bit of water be extracted from the interior of the building. Specialized drying equipment, usually found at an Industrial HVAC Service, ensures that floors and walls dry quickly to minimize damage to the building. Quick drying prevents mold from growing and additional damage from occurring to the property. Water or flooding inside a building needs to be dealt with immediately to lessen the damaging effects. It doesn’t matter if the water is from a broken or burst pipe or flooding from a hurricane or storm. No matter what the reason, the quicker the water is removed, the less damage, there will be. While water damage is devastating, damage from a fire can be more intense. Water damage may cover the floor up to the water line, but fire and smoke damage can cover an entire building making it necessary to use an Industrial HVAC Service to clean up the damage and restore the building. With a fire, smoke odors must be eradicated from the entire premises. Floors, walls, and ceilings must be cleaned. All items must be removed, clothing dry cleaned and items stored during the rebuild.

Though, there is no doubt that there is much clean up with both water and fire, not all clean up that is needed is visible. It’s imperative to have an experienced company such as Teddy Bear Services ensure that the air ducts are free from mold spores or soot. Cleaning the ducts avoids breathing both sooty, smokey odors or harmful mold spores. After flood or fire damage, make certain that the air you breath is clean and healthy by allowing a qualified restoration service handle the duct cleaning. That way everything is clean. What you can see and even what you can’t see.

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