Superior Carpet Cleaner in Rio Rancho NM

Superior Carpet Cleaner in Rio Rancho NM

When an unexpected stain hits the carpet, panic ensues. What products will get this out? Will it make the stain worse? What if it doesn’t come up? Stains can be super tricky to deal with so it’s important to deal with them the right way. Instead of guessing and trying to put a band-aid on the problem, it’s best to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Cleaning Services:

If you are in need of a Carpet Cleaner in Rio Rancho NM, check out Superior Carpet Cleaning. They’ve been in the business since 1978 and are family owned and operated. The services provided are affordable and guaranteed. They will provide a free estimate so you can know exactly how much you can expect to pay. They specialize in carpet and upholstery cleaning and will leave your carpet feeling like it’s brand new again. Their neutralizing rinse eliminates the clean carpet crunch and makes it feel like new.


Whether you have fire damage or water damage, they are equipped to help restore the flooring in your home so that you’ll never know damage was done. Water damage needs immediate attention because of the secondary damage that can be caused from mold. If emergency services are needed, Superior Carpet Cleaning is just a phone call away.


One of the biggest complaints customer has is that they are unable to get the pet smell out of their carpets. Pet odors and urine can be the trickiest scents to get rid of. Superior Carpet Cleaning prides themselves on being pet odor removal specialists. No problem is too big to throw at them and they will be happy to assist with refreshing your home.

Additional Services:

If you have vents that need to be cleaned, make sure to have those taken care of at the same time the carpets and floors are being done. It’s something that not many people consider but it makes a huge difference in air quality. Having your furniture scotch-guarded after it’s cleaned is also a popular add- on to have done along with cleaning the carpets and floors in the home. Whatever your needs, reach out to the team at Superiorcarpetcleaningnm.com to see how they can help.

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